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it started off with pain in lower right abdomen then became a sudden shock pain in my right side of stomach then started to have nausea now the pain in abdomen round to lower back , pains there all the time but fades then on and off alday, my pelvi is sensitive and abdomen and lower back [to touch] . iv had a ultrasound scan cus doc though it cud b a twisted cyst on my ovaries , had blood tests too. hope this gets sorted as iv just only been diagnoised with fibroylia and imflammed si joint, vit d diffency.


Cyst is possible, but you may also take a pelvic inflammatory disease into your consideration. Pathogens in vagina spread upward and enter the pelvic cavity. The infection can also spread to ovary, fallopian tubes, and the abdominal cavity.

Common PID symptoms include:

Lower abdominal pain

Lower back pain

Heavy discharge

Irregular or heavy menstruation

Frequent urination

PID is a very common cuase of lower abdominal pain and lower back pain in women, you may google herbal formula . pill, it has a website privides online servece for free, you could consult the online doctors for multiple female problems. Hope it may help you.