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i play football 5days a week this consists of 4days training and 1 11 aside game,while training i heard and felt a clicking noise from my right hand side groin or hip.then the pain came it only hurts getting in and out of cars,lifting my right leg up roughlt 2feet of ground,running and shooting.dont think its groin strain because it doesnt feel like a musclr pain.i rested 4 1week and that seemed 2 have cured it until 3weeks later training again and the same thing happenend,i dnt know wot this is or how quickly it wil heal or how it wil heal plase help me????

regards ryan arbuckle


Hi Ryan. You have an Inguinal Hernia. I suggest seriously getting that checked out. Football players sometimes get that from workouts. It has to be corrected by surgery. Hope you feel better!