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Hi all,

I am a software professional working in India. I am suffering from pain in my lower back, which is prominent in left pelvis as well as abdomen. The pain radiates to left testicle as well as to left leg. The pain started two weeks before. The pain is felt when I sit on a chair or lie on the bed and is not felt when I stand. Both testicles are of normal size. I dont have any swelling in painful areas. There is no fever. I am not married. I dont smoke and I dont drink. I have no pain while passing urine. I am having good erection, but have pain when I masturbate.

I met physician first, who gave me some pain killers for reducing the pain and he referred me to a urologist. Urologist checked for kidney stones, vericocele, hernia, testicular torsions and hydrocele and he couldnt find anything wrong.

Then I consulted an orthopedic specialist. He physically examined, but couldnt find any problems. Hence he told me to take X-ray. In X-ray he couldnt find any disorders. He told that the pain may be due to any mild inflammation in lower back which can be due to sitting for a long time. As I am a software professional, it si true that I need to sit before PC for a long time. Orthopedist gave me Etodolac tablets, Tizanidine tablets and advised me to take rest. Even after completing the course of medicine, I am experiencing the pain.

If anyone can help me, I will be grateful.
Thanks in advance.



I hope that you have found some answers now, but if not, I had a couple of thoughts that I hope will be helpful. Have you considered a pinched nerve. These are hard to diagnose, but they can cause the radiating pain that you are experiencing. Another idea might be for you to have an ergonomic specialist look at your work station to suggest ways to improve your situations. Some large organizations bring in ergonomic specialists to evaluate the work stations of people who spend a lot of time on computers. This helps prevent future complaints and health problems amongst workers. Please let me know how you are doing now and what you've learned.