today I had severe pain that throbbed with my heart beat and located inside left thigh. It has occurred intermittently over the past hour.
I am 71 yrs of age. I am in great physical shape and lift weights and walk regularly. People say I look to be in my 40's or early 50's. I am 6'3" and 217lbs. I ca bench 225 15 reps, leg press 700lbs 15 reps, bent over rows 225 15 reps or 315lbs 6reps, and shoulder press 135lbs 15 reps. My wast is 35". Just giving a general picture. I have been retired from Social Work profession since age 65. This above mentioned pain just came on today nad no previous episodes. I am concerned. Don't know if I am dealing with circulatory issue or neurological one. HELP