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i have faced two missed abortions sincelast two years which were between six to eight weeks i was given injections and tablets of harmones after facing the problem of pain and spotting after five weeks, i have got the same problem this time as well, as i have pain now this is fifth week as i had last periods on 4th of january 2010 and i am afraid again do you have any reasons for this, before and now. I want to understand why this is happening to me as i have got all the tests done are normal even i have got done chromosonal analysis for me and my husband which are normal of both of us

expecting your reply soon



I also had the same problem from about 5 weeks till the 9th week that were really bad as you mention. I am now 11 weeks and its gotten somewhat better but I still do feel the pains. I have noticed that they arent lasting as long now. They also had told me that there was nothing wrong w me. I still wonder if that really is the case or not. It may be diffrent for me because I found out at 5 weeks that i was pregnant w twins. And I aslo have some medical problems w myself that may be making this worse. But I will say to you to just hold on for a little bit longer and see if it gets any better. As I think it will for you. I know that it doesnt seem like it will, but it could just be your uterus expanding or your hips. I hope things get better for you. :-)