I was suffering with this problem for a while,seen many doctors,specialist,was given steroid shot as well.If I wear socks, it seems to squeeze my ankle ,which in turn make my toes swell and itch very badly.The ball under my big toe it really hurts and seems to be constantly swollen,the mast all across from that is numb all the time,in the middle of that it seem to be a like a hard knot.I realize like two spots of bruise blood on the inner and outer side of the big toe which has become very pain full.I made an appointment with the specialist again for Monday . I was even told by a doctor it is a medical mystery,this problem to me is growing worst,i notice a long mark on that stretch from the top of my big toe coming up and it got longer since I showed the doctor he said it is not any thing to worry about but it is climbing .it is starting to affect my leg now the pain is sometimes over bearing.