I don't know about anyone else, but I have waited all my life to have this surgery done to correct my toes on the right foot. I was born with hip dysplasia and as I grew my toes started to curl under and I've always walked with a limp. I fought hard for 15 years for my disability and 2 years ago finally won my case being rendered totally disabled. I had to have surgery on my lower back that was a year ago it went smoothly but have been on pain killers for years. This past Sept. 8th I finally went for surgery on my right foot, needless to say I woke up in recover the pain was so bad it had felt like someone had cut my foot off at the ankle, but that is because of the pain meds I had been on for years my body was amune to them. They had to give me 4 shots of dimoral and 2 loratab 10s untill I couldn't feel the pain. Trust me it was worse then having a child. My foot had been so swollen for 2 weeks I didn't have an ankle as some people call them cankles...lol but when my stitches came out, we're talking so much relief its unreal and within 2 days the swelling had gone down. At the ball of my foot I had 3 knuckles removed because of arthritis and and 4 knuckles removed from toes. I have pins in each toe but I noticed last week 2 of the pins are starting to back out of my little toe which it feels like a bad burn don't know if that's normal or not and the toe by my big toe the pins working out. Friday I had an appointment to have pins removed but I called my doctors office today and left a message of what is going on so they called me back and said for me to be in his office in the morning. I think it's from me having to walk on my foot which I was told strictly not to, but with having no help I've had no choice. I just wonder does the feeling come totally back or is the numbness going to always be a problem? After my right foot heals completely I'm having a bunion taken off the left foot. As for recommending this to anyone who has these problems YES HAVE IT DONE!!! But do get info on doctors first. I'm completely and emotionally very happy with this being done. I've waited 42 years and my dream has been filled. After the left foot is done I'll be able to go bare foot, wear sandals an flip-flops and I can not wait. As one lady said above I'll finally be able to wear the shoes I've always wanted. I may have scars on the top of my feet that I can deal with, it was always hiding the feet that hurt me the most. So to help anyone who is optimistic about it...DO IT FOR YOURSELF... SURE THE PAIN HURTS LIKE THE DICKENS BUT YOU'LL FEEL MORE COMPLETE AFTERWARDS I PROMISE YOU AND YOU'LL LOVE THE NEW YOU!