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I reported to my physician that my hroat felt tight, that air squeezed up and that I could press up air-filled salliva.

It may have built up over time, but I reported it after months of overload at work, neck-prolaps, and private issiues the year before. I didn't have time for taking care of myself. I even used toothpaste in a aching tooth in stead of going to the dentist. My physician convinved me it was a lump of anxiety I was feeling.

THE HEALTH CARE DIDN'T FIND ANYTHING WRONGI was referred to Ear/nose/throat (ENT) specialists and psycho-therapist. The ENT found nothing wrong with my throat. The therapy didn't help at all removing the throat pain.

The pressure devoloped into invalidating pain. I asked for further examination of my throat. No cause was revealed with MR, CT, videofluoroscopy, roentgen, barium-swallow and another ENT-examination of my throat and swallow.

Without any findings and terrible pain, I started to use the internet to do my own research and anatomical studies. I explored my symptoms further and found that the pain was temporarily relieved while having mouthfuls of food and/or drink. I thought I had cricopharyngeal spasm, but was told that it wasn't painful, and on videofluoroscopy they found I didn't have that either...

FINDING THE DIRECT CAUSE MYSELF - ANATOMY AND THE SWALLOWING PROCESS FROM EARS TO THROAT13 months of terrible-terrible pain later I finally found the direct cause myself. It was 1 month after my last examination without finding any cause to the pain. I found the key question: What is "invisible" and hurts like hell? AIR and AIR-PRESSURE.

I tried to swallow with vacuum in my mouth. The pain kept away. But we swallow hundreds of times a day. It was impossible trying to live in that way.

KEY QUESTIONS: Why did excess amount of air go into my throat while swallowing? And why did it get trapped there?

I'm not sure I understood what I did, but in the search for a sollution I tried out cleaning my nose using a neti-pot. A couple of hours later, I swallowed without having any swallowing-issue. NO PAIN!!! Mentally I didn't connect cleaning my nose and the relief of throat/swallowing pain. It helped for 1 1/2 day, and then the pain came back in full force. I didn't try to clean my nose again before a friend of me asked if I had done more of the "nose-jobs". I tried it AND IT HELPED AGAIN. I began cleaning my nose several times a day.

THE  UNDERSTANDING: findings, symptoms and anatomy all fit together.The anatomy of the mouth and swallow goes further than the doctors count for. The swallowing process even involves the eustachian tubes that opens up when we swallow and the soft palate rise.

It took me some days to understand that it was the EUSTACHIAN TUBES that was the key to the process. Now I understand all my symptoms and "findings" through the examinations:- squeezing sound and air-filled salliva pressed up from my throat: The swallow was filled with air that didn't find its way down into the stomach- trapped air, under pressure, hurts as hell- air is invisible on examinations- the pain was temporarily relieved while eating, because the mouth are proportionally filled with a lof of air while swallowing spit, while there's almost no air it the mouth is filled with food and/or drink.

DESPERATE TO GET RELIEF FROM PAIN, MORE AND MORE VIOLENTLY AND TERRIBLY HARMING MYSELF...The feeling in mye swallow didn't go totally away. It came back every morning. After getting the tubes open, it had started to come crackling noise in my ears while swallowing - like my eustachian tubes were sticking together and had a hard time opening.

I put more and more force into getting my eustachian tubes to open as they should while swallowing. I started performing Valsalvas manoevers, more and more forcefully, even with water inside my nose. I was desperate to get the pain away.

I put air-pressure to every organ and hole in my cranium: sinuses, eyes, ears, brain. My face started to swell, my ears started to sting, I got pain behind my left eye, my ears and/or head started to ring (tinnitus?), I got the worst headache ever.

After 5 months, the head-ringing is still terrible. The head-ache seased after 5-6 weeks. The swelling in my face, eye and ear pain seased during one week.

My eustachian tubes still stick the walls together so the crackling noise appears each time I yawn or swallow.

THE SITUATIONI found how excess amount of air come into the swallow. I never found out why the air got trapped in my throat... No doctors believe my "findings", but they've heard about people having swallowing issue after neck-prolaps and that eustachian tubes my close up when in excessive neck-tension. I've lost my life to pain.


Hello, I went through the same situation not too long ago. I felt pressure around my right ear that traveled down to the side of my neck. It felt like terrible pressure, then tightness and some days it felt like I had lots of air trapped inside my right side of the head. I was literally an airhead :-) Anyway, I had a ct scan done on my head and NOTHING. Although my blood work did show that my leukocites were slighty high. The doctor said perhaps the body was fighting an infection, yet the doctor could not tell me what the actual infection was bc there was no proper diagnosis to be made. I noticed that each time I swallowed I felt something cold in my right ear followed by a popping sound. Taking your findings into consideration, I strongly believe the air swallowed irritates the inflamed eustachian tubes. And the inflammation disturbs the nerves in that area thus produces pain to travel down the throat which explains the pain, tension, tighness, and air-like feeling.
So, like you, I tried the netipot, I tried OTC medication for headaches and nasal congestion, etc. But it only gave me temporary relief..and temporary was like hours not days as I was hoping for. Anyway, one day a friend of mine who is really into natural remedies and healing through herbs and such, recommended me to eat garlic. I did a outlet research and found that garlic is one of the best antifungals and works amazingly. That same night I bit into a garlic bulb and wow did it burn my eustachian tube and even down my throat, although it burned, as weird as it may sound, it felt good!! I felt immediate relief. Long story short, I continued to eat a garlic clove each night before bed for one week and walla!! I was healed 90%. Sadly I still had the air-like feeling but thankfully no more pain, tightness, or inflammation. I also want to mention that I prayed to God in tears begging him for a miracle healing and somehow he kept pointing me to Garlic so when my friend told me to try garlic I felt it was definitely confirmation from up above :-) just thought I'd add that in there, always gotta give glory to Him for answering our prayers.


Throat sounds familiar. I'm on medication for epilepsy, all my life I've always become toxic after a few years on every tablets causing tight throat breathing difficulty, dizziness and plenty of other problems forcing too many hormones to develop but doesn't fix it. Doctors take about 8 months to find out what's wrong, the cause and the solution!! Very frustrating. Are you on any medication? Or maybe an allergy you may not know of..


I have had 4 weeks of every time i swollow i get a ear pain dr put me on a nerve pain tablet i had cold sores up my noes and after that this come dr said its a viral infection 2 lots of tab and no better desperate for answers