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I woke up one morning after school had gotten out for the Summer and I felt physically sick to my stomach. I told my mom (she was working) and she told me to try a warm coke (out of the can, not over ice) and rest might help. I did that. That night my sister and I were watching Ghost Adventures and I all of a sudden felt my head get really hot. I took my temperature and it was 101.5 My mom took me to the hospital the next day and the doctor ordered a urine sample and blood tests. After that was done, he came in and told us that I had a UTI. He sent me home with orders to drink cranberry juice and more rest. On the way home, my mom looked baffeled. Then she asked me if the doctor ever physically examined me. I said no. A few days later, she took me to my pediatrition and he said that we were lied to. I never had a UTI. He asked me what my stomach pain felt like. It feels like someone is stabbing me then cutting my stomach. We went to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati and we spent about a month trying to figure out what this is. After having every test done imaginable, (literaly EVERY test) we were sent home with no answeres. Today, more than 1 year later, I stil have the stomach pains. I feel as if the doctors have given up on me. Can anyone help me? (I appologize for the long story)


Hello Senior,

Your symptoms are somewhat baffling.  I've had stomach pains before but more often then not it was simply gas.  In your case you could have an overactive muscle contraction that shouldn't be there.  Does it get worse when you eat something or is it constant.  It's possible that you have a nerve dysfunction and constantly releasing neurotransmitter that is contracting your stomach muscles.  You may need a neurologist or gastroenterologist take a look at you.  They should be able to run the appropriate tests and find out what the problem is.  I know how frustrating it can be when doctors can't find out what's wrong but you just need to keep calm and patient.  Somewhere a long the line, they'll find out what's wrong.