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I had pancreatitis about 7 months ago. I was in the hospital for 4 days, and had to have a potassium drip. This is the info the dietician in the hospital gave me.

First and foremost dont drink any alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Eat a high protein, low fat, low fiber diet. Your pancreas is what helps digest food and gets it ready for waste, if you eat a lot of fiber it makes it harder on your pancreas, since fiber goes right through you.

She said things like grilled chicken, lean cold cuts or beef, skim milk, fresh fruits and veggies, and lots of water.


I am a very healthy 55 year old woman who 5 weeks ago had a very sudden onset of acute pancreatitis. I was hospitalized for three weeks. My diagnosis is still unclear in that the cause is unknown. Within 48 hours of being admitted my cat scans showed signs of Pancreatic phlegmon complications with the organization of a 3.3 cm. I had a picc line put in and was NPO for 3 weeks. I was given TPN of 2,000 calories a day to keep from losing weight. Even two weeks into it it took me two hours to try to get down a half cup of gelatin, by the end of the third week I could keep clear liquids down and chocolate boost so they sent me home to wait it out. I'm a good patient and am great at following orders. My doctors have told me that I should have my gallbladder removed as soon as they are clear that it is safe enough to operate (swelling and infection in my pancreas needs to calm down. I'm five weeks out now and have only lost maybe 5-6 lbs. My diet consists of chicken broth with pasta, watered down apple juice, light tea, toast, instant mashed potatoes, fresh veggies (no lettuce, or gas producing veggies) and I seem to tolerate them well. Also, oatmeal with non fat yogurt is fine for me. I've spoken to several other people who have had acute pancreatitis and it seems that each one can tolerate different things, it's a trial and error kind of thing. Chicken seems to cause me pain and make me want to vomit. Some days I'm fine, some days I have slight pain and pressure in my abdomen so I just go one day at a time. Tomorrow I have my next CAT scan and I am hoping that it will show that the cyst is healing and the inflammation is decreased so that I can have my gall bladder removed in the next several weeks. My doctor says that there is an 80% reoccurrence rate of another attack of acute pancreatitis in patients in the first 6 months to a year when they don't have their gall bladder removed. Even still there may be reoccurrence attacks after the removal since the cause of my attack is completely unknown.

Before the attack I had a very healthy diet. I was 129 lbs. Exercised 3-4 days a week and was in overall good condition. I did not drink at all, and I ate no red meat, no fried foods, virtually no fat (except olive oil very lightly in salads). I ate less than 1200 calories daily. Mostly oatmeal, non fat yogurt, fresh vegetables, and boneless skinless chicken. I often ate homemade soup. No sugar, no flour, and only complex carbs, no deserts.
No family history of gallstones or pancreatitis.

So this is my story. I am hoping someone on here may have a similar story and could tell me their long term outcome or if there was ultimately and definitive cause that was determined.

I am optimistic that removal of my gallbladder with resolve this completely, but I am a little suspect since there seems to be no explanation. At the hospital they did find what they called "sludge" in my gallbladder.


Had my first attack at 40 and had numerous attacks till I was 47. Now I am 50 and no attacks for the last 3 years. I am even a social alcohol driker now again. How did this happen. After changing a lot of doctors, hospitals, medication and diets, I finally had decided that I had to live with this for all my life. (If it is called living) I was sick of being sick!
I met a friend at a meeting who had the same illness and he advised me something, which changed my life from then. He was a doctor and he had found a solution through one of his friends, herbal medication. gave me an email of someone who was treating pancreatitis with endemic plants tea. Wrote to that man, who calls himself 'sir', lives in far or middleeast, expert on endemic plants and their effects. 6 months was enough for everything but even everyday you feel the difference, just having a cup of tea. This was magic, I am a scientific man also but sometimes I believe science is not enough for everything. I lived and learned it. The email was _[removed]_, if not changed. try it, though he is not cheap, he does not accept everyone, I do not know why. I hope you will overcome this thing.


My 77 year old mother had a attack of acute pancreatitis about a month ago and ended up spending about 3 weeks in the hospital.

She started a few days before with chest pains and I told her to get a quick appointment with her doctor since we had tentative travel plans. Her doctor send her to EKG and xRay the same day but did not find anything. Several days later, she vomited in the morning 4 times and thought she had the stomach flu since my Dad had a mild case of the flu a few weeks before. I insisted she book a doctors appointment and drove her to it. Her doctor was good in that after taking a look at her, asked me to take her to the hospital emergency right away. This referral sped up the process so she only waited an hour in the waiting room before getting an EKG and cubicle during which time she threw up again. We were in the emergency for 14 hours (noon - 2am) and it was diagnosed as Pancreatitis at about 10pm.

Her Pancreatitis was caused by gallstones and one escaped and was in the ducts. She was put on IV and has a picc line put in at day 4 and TPN at day 5 and ERCP on day 6 where the specialist found her pancreas pretty trematised but the gallstone had passed. Unfortunate, the day before her ERCP she started developing shortness of breath and they found plural effusion (fluid in the layers/membranes of the lung). The doctor was hoping her body would absorbe it but the liquid increased that a week after the ERCP they put a chest tube in to drain the fluid.

She was put on liquids (broth, juice and Jello) toward middle of her 2nd week. at the end of 2 weeks they changed her to more regular food. Her first attempt at non-liquid food ended up having chicken noodle soup and she ate the 3 pieces of chicken as well as carrots and noodles. She threw up promptly. They put her back on liquids for another 3 days before trying solids again and we were more cautious the 2nd time.

We have been fairly cautious since and we have found grilled chicken breast, rotisserie chicken, eggs, fish, tofu are good for protein, primarily activia yougurt and skim milk for dairy (may do more low fat cheese later), fruit and vegetables are either peeled and/or cut into smaller pieces and sometimes cooked. For grains, cream of wheat and cereals are good and we have been a little cautious in getting her back to the high fiber breads and grains they were on due to my dad's diabetical tendacies. If they/we do stir frys, it is done with either a light spray of oil in a non-stick pan or using a little chicken stock.

After the first problematic attempt which the chicken meats was likely the issue, we have tried to limit new food to 1-2 per meal so it would be easier to isolate problematic foods in case of problems.


My gall-bladder induced necrotizing pancreatitis had me wait in the emergency room without painkillers for 20 hours before I had an ERCP to remove the "gush" of gallstones that flooded my stomach. I was NPO (no food or drink) for a week, and had an NG tube to suck my stomach empty for almost 2 weeks. I lost 60lbs in 5 weeks....that's over 5,000 calories a day burnt laying in bed screaming in pain almost every waking moment for the first 2 weeks. What's so horrible is the doctors try to REALLY limit any painkillers they give you as they slow down the digestive system, and a big big painful complication of all this is the most horrible gas that you can't properly expel you will ever have.
The ERCP helped initially. It's hard to believe I lived, the doctor told me I nearly died. I was in near perfect health before, no medicines, no allergies.
It took 3 months after my 35 day hospital stay before I could eat "normally".

I was told : LOW LOW fat diet (due to avoiding stimulating the gallbladder releasing more stones)
Thankfully I was not diabetic before hand, as the only thing I could digest was yogurt (a few spoonfuls), juices,
Protein for the first 2 months after the initial attack was near impossible.

ileus (lazy bowel) is HORRIBLE. It took a while to get it done via different docs / emergency rooms (I had HORRIBLE treatment at hospital during my 35 day stay)

domperidone (??) was GODSEND. it hurt like hell re-stimulating the intestines to move properly again, but holy cow you could FEEL the parastelsys kick into action within 30 minutes of taking the pill. After 4 days of that, the intestinal movement was on its way to self repair.

After 2 months of not being able to eat more than a handful at a time - ask your doctor for pancreatic digestive enzymes. Again, another godsend. After a month of using these (2-3 pills for a bowl of food), I am now only using 1 pill for a "normal" sized meal (if I use too many, I get upset lower intestines and diarhea).

and vitamins - I don't know how normal it is but I went from a hemoglobin of 150 to under 100 in a few weeks, and my RBC count went from 5.5 to under 4. (canadian values). Be sure to ask about B complex supplements and what not, possibly Iron (but this has its own issues) - you'll be very malnourished for weeks or months.


Had my first attack and went to the ER and was told everything was fine. Went to my family Dr. that afternoon who ordered more blood work and said mild acute pancreatitis, and ordered me to be on clear liquids for six days. I found the sugar in juices and popsicles along with the sodium in the organic broths were not bothering me, yet felt bloated and lethargic. I switched to sauteing onions in water, and then adding fresh vegetables and straining the broth. I got the ok from him to start eating again, but to stick to a low fat LOW protein diet, no processed foods. I am finding I can only tolerate small amounts of food at a time. I also am finding that the macrobiotic diet is agreeing with me the most, so I will continue on it. I make my own miso soup, quinoa I tolerate fine, and mostly cooked vegetables and salads. I use a little fresh lemon on the salad, and drink bancha tea. I also felt better after ume plum and bancha tea. I see a gastroenterologist this coming week. Hopefully he won't admit me to the hospital as many of you have been. The Dr. said by being in the hospital it allows your pancreas to rest fully with no food or drinks, being that there is a feeding tube and IV. I still feel really bloated, but not as bad as before. Does anyone have suggestions for that?