I went in for a routine Gallbladder surgery, day surgery, went home in 3 hours. A couple of hours later I was in severe pain and went back to ER, despite telling them of my surgery hours earlier, I waited for hours while writhing in pain. Finally after hours had surgery again, I was told they nicked my bowel. I was in ICU 3 days. I could have visitors, my GF came to see me and I became very sick repeatedly vomiting green sh*t, the nurses aid refused to give me water or help me in any way despite my repeated request, he just ignored me. I finally got up and found a nurse about 2 a.m. I woke to Have a tube down my nose and pumping out that green sh*t for another 4 days. Finally left after 9 days. My pain did not go away, I kept going to the doctor once a week for over a month and a half, still ignored. I went to a new hospital ER, they did an MRI. I was told I had a very aggressive Pancreatic Cancer and to get my affairs in order as I had 3-6 months to live. Went back again in a week for further test, I was then told I had Chronic Pancreatitis due to alcoholism, which was news to me. I was then presented with CMC'S hospital records of my surgery. It said they had to resection my bowel in one place, as well as fixing another bowel tear. The fictional doctors report from CMC said I had severe complications due to alcohol withdrawal, apparently not because of the green sh*t they pumped out of me for a week. My previous record had me listed as a moderate drinker as a couple of drinks 3-4 times a week. Keep in mind this is on the same report, now it says I drink 7+ days a week, how is that even possible. Now I'm treated like a lepor by doctors and can no longer get objective care. I went from NH to Mass general, my new doctor there looked at my 3 CTS before my surgery and found there was nothing wrong with my Pancreas before my surgery. I have been in severe and chronic pain for the past 2 years and can't get a lawyer to take my case because of the alcohol. Alcohol is a very common cause of Pancreatitis. CMC intentionally altered my medical record for a get of jail free card. So far that lie has done exactly what they intended it to do.  Forgot to tell you my Kidneys failed During that same surgery. I now have a mass on right Kidney they believe to be cancer. I also went to Mass general ER for an pancreatic attack and had to spend 3 days there, guess what, no alcohol withdrawal there, Hmmmm, wonder why?  Please help with suggestions