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Hello all.  I want to thank everyone who has posted here on this site.  You have all been so kind and compassionate to one another, it has actually made me feel a lot better.  I, too, need to have parathyroid surgery and am worried and scared.  Most of your outcomes have been so positive, so that has given me more hope than I had before.  Can anyone comment on Dr. Gordon and the New York Center for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery?  I am very interested as I only live one hour away.  I had read about Dr. Norman in Tampa, but do not wish to travel to Tampa.  I have definite confirmation of an adenoma through scan and ultrasound, and want to get this over with ASAP.  My worst symptom is constant heartburn/acid reflux.  I am thankful my symptoms are not worse.  Good luck to all and thanks for any feedback!


Heya did you get your surgery done by Dr. Gordon? How was he?