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Please if anyone on here ha had a partial colectomy or/ and was blood thinners please email me. I had a partial colectomy (5 feet removed due to severe constipation) this past Friday. I'm home and feeling a bit better. I've started bleeding bright red on a liquid diet. Did anyone have this problem? I feel the usual effects of swolleness after surgery and I'm walking a lot. My email is misskristi2atyahoo. Any input? Thanks!


I am concerned that you are bleeding bright red blood at home.  How much blood are you passing?  Did you just recently stop with the heparin?  You should report the bleeding to the doctor, because you don't want to risk having to lose too much blood and having more complications arise such as hypotension or shock.  Bleeding can be life-threatening and needs attention right away if you are losing a lot of blood.  They will need to give you Vitamin K to help your blood to clot as it should.  Good luck and I hope you get the medical attention you need to stop the bleeding.