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I am 5 weeks out from my open sigmoid colectomy(removed 12 inches) and I am doing great except for the incision pain. I also had my appendix removed. I have been having a burning and pulling pain in the lower right abdomen from the time I got home. I was wondering if anyone can tell me why.. Also, I can't seem to wear anything that does not hurt my incision, I would appreciate you information. Thank you


wow ... i had the exact same symptoms ... went back to my surgeon ... he checked for infection, did another ct scan and a urinalysis. turns out the issue was inflamation. i changed my pain mends to Tramadol (no more narcotics) and upped the dosage of ibuprophin to 600mg every 4 hours and it worked like a charm. i do still have a little pain but it is managable. i put a couple pieces of gauze waddded p and taped to my incision but it still hurts a bit.   here's my advice---stay ahead of the pain. take pain meds (with food) and don't get caught trying to get rid of the pain. hope this helps. colon surger is major. be good to yourself.