Before my bf and I go together, we had been friends with benefits for a year, meaning that he was sleeping now and then with other people, I was only sleeping with him however. Throughly the whole year of us being FWB, I had taken 6 sti tests and they had all come back negative. My last negative test was done in this passed December (2016), the week before we become official. This passed February (2017, he 'found out' that he had chlamydia, so I recently took a test and low and behold, I finally have it! He claims that he's never cheated and that my test, and the fact that I have got chlamydia whilst we weren't exclusive, doesn't suggest that he never had it during then, and that he only got whilst he was my boyfriend. Can you help me with this? Because from what I've read about the sti, if I didn't have it until now, then the same must apply to him?