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hi i read a thread here recently about guys whos penis shrinks during exercise, i have an even worse problem. mine shrinks nearly all the time whatever i am doing no matter the weather, also my erections arent very strong at all. and if im hard and my gf looks for a condom for like a couple seconds my erection already goes down. does anybody know whats wrong with me, not enough blood flow? should i try those vimax pills or something, i am kinda desperate but too embarrased to go to a doctor


There may be several issues at the same time but here are the issues that probably are affecting your size and erection strength...

1) Your testosterone levels are low. The bursting and burning of testosterone causes erections. Low testosterone means that your erections are not as strong and your erections are going to be weak.

2) You may be eating before sex. Eating foods that are high in sugar will reduce your testosterone by 25% for 2 hours. That pasta and rum and coke just killed your erection.

3) Do you have a belly? A pot belly is caused by excess sugar. Beer included. Fat around your belly increases estrogen which decreases testosterone which decreases your erections.

4) Man up! You can not be a real man without exercising. Anyone who tells you other wise is writing some BS for the women. You HAVE to work out AT LEAST 4 times a week until you are breathing hard.

5) Take a testosterone supplement like the one at Your body needs food that it can convert straight into testosterone. This natural liquid formula does that.

Let me know if you have some questions,

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