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A few years ago I was given cortizone injections in a cluster of pimples on my neck which would not heal on their own & nobody seemed to know what it was. One Dermatoligist said it was Granuloma Annulare but I never had any raised bumps like the internet shows. They started out just one & in the letter C with a few blisters inside. They are very light colored & have worked their way about half way around my neck. They do not itch at all but look awful. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank You. Rosemary Danielson


Hello there! Are you saying that your blisters haven’t subsided in a few years now? Did this cortisone shot make any difference?

I have had GA for two years now above my knee. They do look like blisters and are a little bit raised above the skin. They are tender sometimes but usually do not each although everyone says that granuloma itches like crazy.

Have you had a biopsy? I know that granuloma is often misdiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed and biopsy is often performed to determine the right diagnose. How many doctors did you see in these few years?

I have already had outbreaks once when I was younger but the blister disappeared but two years ago they showed up again. My dermatologist said it is how it works.

I was taking Prednisone for some time and the blisters started to fade but then I stopped taking them and the blisters remained as well. My doc told me that treatment is sometimes unnecessary because they usually go away on their own.