Hi everyone

Since English is second language, i often make mistakes, so please ignore it

Im almost 19 now and i just move to US from Vietnam, a tropical country

3 years ago, I found several swollen glands in neck and groin area and i didnt know the time they had enlarged

One is at the right side of neck, neither tender nor mobile

One is at the left side of collarbone, mobile

Two in the groin area, symmetrical (or sth, idk)

None of them is painful. They remain unchanged till now

But the main problem is every i search google about those glands, it comes up with HIV-relating issue

It has been scaring me time to time since i was 15, at that time i was stressful.

When i moved to US just ab 5 months ago, i usually have sore throat and it  is maybe the problem of adapting to climate because i live in Midwest and my original country is very hot.

Sometimes i find symtomps similar to HIV such as paronychia, bad breathe, sore throat ...

Can anybody tell me that those glands are not related to HIV

I'm very scare right now and i can't stop thinking of having HIV-positive

I know it sounds paranoid but i can't figure it out. I never have sex or use drug or have blood transmit before. Are there anyway to relief me?

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it