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I am a 17 year old female and whenever my boyfriend and I have sex I get numb, I get aroused but once we start I don't feel anything. I can orgasm by my self but when he tries I can't.

I was thinking there is something wrong with me and I was wanting to know if anyone else had this.
I was sexually abused when I was 10 and I was thinking this may be something to do with it?

Let me know. :)
Thank you, Abbey.


Hellooooooo, Abbey! Honestly, there are a few factors as to why this might be going on. Maybe the guy that's trying to pleasure you REALLY ISN'T pleasuring you. Is there a specific spot you like to be touched the most and he's just not hitting it???? Adding on to this, make completely sure that you completely love the guy. Sometimes if a person doesn't have actual feelings for the person, sexual pleasure won't come easily. Is he too rough on you or you're not lubricated enough to a point where it feels rough? If it's too rough, that could make you numb too (believe me) and the information you gave about being sexually abused ca DEFINATELY effect you, especially that way. If you're worried about if you have something physically wrong with your body then don't be, because I seriously doubt anything like this is serious unless someone were to tell me otherwise in a reply. Hope this helps!