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i got my tongue peirced two days ago,
its still swollen pretty bad which i know is normal expecially since i answer phones all day and i hve to talk quite a bit,

but it is still really sore,
i cant even touch the front of my top teeth without
a sharp pain going through
is this normal??

i assumed a little pain would be there
but i have a exceptionally long tongue,
i can easily touch both my nose and my chin
but now i cant even poke it outta my mouth

the barbell seems to be crocked to,
the bottom seems to be slanted toward the front more
but it could just be from the swelling?

are either of these normal?


Hello, I'm Alycia and I'm 14. I've had my tongue done for 2 weeks and have had no problems. Yes the first few days it was sore but it seems you may have been pierced fairly close to a nerve? As this occurs with some piercers who may not know what their doing completely. Well I'd recommend going back to the piercer or even a different one and asking if the last one did it botched. Until then, ice and I was told to use alcohol free mouth wash so the piercing won't get dried out.
Hope this helps.