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Hi i have a very sore pimple on the inside of my viginal lip it was a small pimple in the week and now its hard red with a white on top i do not no what this is and i only no the colour as i asked my husband to take a look. Its very uncomfortable to sit.


i hate to break it to u..... but u really should go the the doctors with that.... better safe than sorry. the one thing that comes to mind with your description is genital herpes. it can be passed from mouth to genitals. %85 of the population has herpes simplex in one way shape or another. there is no cure. there are just some good steroid creams that can help it clear up faster. it may or may not be this. but i am telling u to go the the doctors.....u may think it has cleared up and then a few months or a year goes by and it comes back...... usually around the same area.

good luck