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On my areola I noticed that there was a bump right under my nipple. I squeezed it and white stuff came out of it much like puss from a pimple. After a little bit, only blood came out. Now it's swollen and very tender. There is no white head like a pimple though. I am a 15 year old girl and I don't have acne on my face very much, and this has happened once before a two years or so ago but not nearly this bad.

My questions are the following...
Possibility of cancer?
Should I continue to squeeze the white stuff out or should I leave it alone and it will go away?
Use some kind of facial cleanser or acne treatment on it?
Should I make an appointment with a doctor to check it out?


Well, this was a long time ago, but if it is still there and you never went to see the doctor, the ext time you decide to pop the pimple try an antiseptic like peroxide or neosporin do not use alcohol, it will cause your areola to dry out and cause it to crack. Which is very painful, and will cause a lot more pain than good. Good luck. I have had this similar problem but I also had my nipples pierced. It is probably just a mild infection.