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found out i was pregnant on the 18th sep. started bleeding a couple of days later (which would have been when my period was due) went to drs and she referred me to the hospital a week later for tests. i should be 6 weeks according to dr.
had a scan done, externally then internally, which showed no baby and also a thin uterus lining - the dr said it was probably a complete miscarriage. i was completed gutted :-(
i had a preg test done which came back positive???
i then had a blood test done to check hcg levels, first one came back as 510 so i figured that was normal, they were low. had a repeat blood test two days later - they are now 750??? what the hell is going on? they should be decreasing not going up?!
now i have to go back to the hospital for further tests, are my dates wrong and im not 6 weeks, am i having an ectopic pregnancy?
i have absolutely no pain!! but i feel pregnant, morning sickness, sore breasts, metallic taste in my mouth noted yesterday, trousers are tighter!!
so confused, so stressed, just want answers!!!


I can only offer two observations, which may be relevant. If you choose to re-post to invite other comments, please do so.

Regarding your mixed signals, that makes perfect sense given your doctor's comment re miscarriage.

Pregnancy is a program of change, with many complex processes, and like any program, if terminated early, your body doesn't just say 'oh, so much for that then', but will run through the changes based on the signallers and controllers (hormones, proteins etc), so that while the immediate loss of the foetus is showing up in the uterus, secondary changes to your body to prepare you to carry and feed a child may take some time to stabilise, and return to a non-pregant state.

As to ectopic pregnancy, given that that is a life-threatening occurrence, I am sure and would hope that the doctors took that into consideration in advising you, and depending on whether any scan showed the location of the original foetal growth, you would be reassured (if it had been determined to be normal, in the uterus) that a second egg being fertilised and developing independently in the fallopian tube would be, to say the least, extremely unlikely - twins is one thing, but simultaneous fertilisation of two egss inches (which in our terms would be miles) apart? Unlikely.

None of which changes the fact that of course at any sign of discomfort that concerns you, you should refer to the clinic or doctor.