I had Viral about 15 days back with Cough and Low grade Temp 99-99.5 C.

After a week of antibiotics and recovery, I again felt sticking pains in limbs and developed fever. I had to take antibiotics again for a week. Cough still persisted. But it was dry cough. After a week, I felt so unusually weak, muscle pain and little shotness of breath. Doc diagnosed it as Allergic Bronchitis with tests like Chest X ray, Blood test and Urine test. All the test results are fine with no indication. He prescribed antibiotics with Cough syrup.

Dry cough continues but its not much, but symptoms now include the following viz.

- Unusual weakness. Weakness & muscle pain aggravates on switching the AC on.
- Muscle pain in limbs
- Little shortness of breath.
- Dry cough (On steaming it aggravates, otherwise its not so much present). Cough aggravates on switching the AC on.
- 2-3 kgs weight loss. I had my weight as 77 kgs. Now its 74 kgs. I am monitoring it now.

There are no other symptoms eg skin, diahorrea, rash, lymph nodes. Blood test showed tests within acceptable range. Only ESR was little high @ 18 instead of normal range of 0-15. Fever is also not there. Temp fluctuates from 98.0-98.8 C.

Is the above a result of Post bronchitis symptoms or otherwise. On my insistence, Doc has now asked for Low blood sugar and thyroid tests ?

Pls help me. I am feeling weakness and muscle in lims and don't know what to do. There is overall weakness. I am taking vitamins as a cover for weakness.

Rivneet Chadha