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I am 14 and When i masturbate (i do it occasionally) some sort of clear/cloudy thing comes out from my penis. The problem is, I have no single pubic hair or any sign of puberty. The semen does not come out but sort of stays under the skin. Please help me i want to know 


I'm guessing your are uncircumcised and that the skin your semen is staying under is your penis foreskin, which is normal and no problem at all. Thank your parents for being smart enough to let you keep and enjoy your foreskin and all the great sexual sensations and pleasures it can give a man.

At 14 you might just be a late developing male who is going to go through puberty a little later than some of the earlier maturing guys do. All males vary in how and when they go through puberty and all of life as they grow and age. If you do not see any hair growing or any other signs of puberty in your bdoy, simply ask your Dr. at your next yearly or sports physical exam to take a look at your body and see if he thinks you are on schedule or not. Also, look at your brothers, male cousins, uncles, and ask them and see if they are (were) early, middle, or late developing males at puberty when compared to other guys at their own ages during puberty? You can also ask your father when he went through puberty and if he took longer to start or finish puberty than other guys his age? Many times a guy's own genetics will rule over when he goes through puberty and how. Asking your different male relatives and looking at your different male relatives who are closest to you in age will help tell you what genetics you might have running in your family when it comes to puberty and the timing of when you might reach each of the different stages of puberty.