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I'm gout sufferer, and my condition gets worse depending on food I eat. I would be really thankful if you could recommend some good diet.


Hello judas,

Gout can be really annoying at times.  The inflammation can be painful and make it difficult to move around.  A diet for you is really no different from a healthy diet from someone who doesn't have gout.  For breakfast try some oatmea with fruit.  Any fruit will do that you like.  I particularly like prunes or blueberries.  You can have an egg (best if poached, medium boiled) with toast, coffee/tea or juice.  For lunch, try a salad with leafy greens, sliced lean meats (chicken, beef) or seafood.  No fast food.  For dinne, try baked chicken or beef with baked potato, small green salad and/or veggie (broccoli, green beans, peas etc).