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I have noticed that this blood type diet is very popular topic in here. I will try to help you with list of foods for O – negative blood type, because I know almost everything about it. Trust me, it is hard to find it. According to Dr D'Adamo, this is the oldest blood type. People with this blood type should consume foods such are high protein and low carbs, such as red and white meat, and seafood, of course. You should also eat a lot of certain vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. You should eat a lot of roasted lamb or roasted beef, salad, fresh fruits, spinach. Drink a lot of water and some herbal tea.

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Howdy all,

oh my darling! Thanks a lot for this list of groceries and ingredients. It is very, very helpful to us. Thanks once again. I really love these groceries, because I eat a lot of salad and roasted lamb. :)

So, basically you should avoid grains, wheat products and etc, right? All these products can cause people with O negative blood type to lose weight. You should also avoid gluten in corn, beans, cabbage and wheat of course.

But also, everyone who wants to follow this diet needs to be careful. Don't do anything without doctor's opinion.

Thank you :)