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Well, I have been newly diagnosed with diabetes type 2--- my doctor said I MUST control my diet!  Easier said than done!  I cannot envision not being to eat donuts in the morning anymore and my frappe I get from McDonalds.  It is a ritual... I eat these every day!  What am I going to replace it with.  A bagel??  YUCK.  I have whatever the cafeteria has at lunchtime.  Me eating salads?  Not gonna happen.  I feel like I am in denial about this whole thing and I don't see myself changing my habits now.  I don't want to be unhealthy but I don't feel like I am unhealthy to begin with.  I have no problems other than I have high blood sugar, apparently.  I love steak and mashed potatoes and I have them a couple times a week. This new system of eating where you count carbs.  How ridiculous.  I don't have the time to learn this or anything.  I really have no choice though huh?


It does require a bit of planning on your part to become compliant with your diabetic diet, but nowadays it is easier because you can incorporate a lot of your favorite foods into your meal planning by knowing the carb count of those foods.  If it is a donut you want in the morning, pick one that has between 15-30 grams of carbs.  You will not have any other carb choices if you opt to use all 30 but you can have eggs or any other protein.  Once you know the carb count for your favorite foods, you will not have to keep up with the chore of looking up items.  In the beginning it will be hard, but I promise it will get easier.  Just take a little time to find out what carb grams you need for each meal than learn how to work it into your diabetic planning.