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my boyfriend was diagnosed with HPV , i had 2 paps done and both came out normal , also i havent had any hpv symptoms, i was reading that your immune system can fight it ? what is going on ? did my body fight it off ? or do i have hpv with out any symptoms ? help


Hi star. Most men who get HPV (of any type) never develop any symptoms or health problems. Most women cure themselves without even knowing that they were infected. I have heard that your body can fight it off too, but the best thing is for you to have it checked out to be sure because you were exposed. The main reason being that cancer of the cervix is almost always associated with high risk strains of HPV (although the vast majority of those with HPV infection never develop cancer).

A pap test will be able to tell you if you have it or not. If the first test comes up positive, the doctor will order a second test for confirmation. Especially if there is not a presence of visible warts.