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Hi there, I have a serious question about the effects of marijuana and a possible allergic reaction I may have developed.  


My symptoms include:

  • Dry/Scratchy Throat
  • Red Bumps [At the back of the throat and tongue]
  • Thick Mucus Build Up
  • Increse or Swelling of the Veins on Tonsils
  • Minor Swollen Sensation [Back of throat]

At first  I atributed it to dehydration and even vocal strain [I've recently taken up singing lessons] as the symptoms weren't entirely new; I had started getting these sensations a little more than a year back.  What bothered me this time was the noticeable bumps and the swelling of my tonsils.  I hadn't experienced these sensations in about one to three months, untill I recently spent some time with an old friend, who I had stopped seeing around the same three month time period, just before the symptoms stopped.  She is a card holder and uses marijuana for pain managment [as apposed to over the counter medecines that do more internal damage to her stomach].  The same day, only hours after seeing her, I started to get the dryness in my throat again.


I've been known to suffer from strep throat at least once a year and it is very sensative, but I could easily rule out any sort of infection just by self examination.  [I know you're not supposed to do that, but after ten years of getting Strep, you tend to know the signs.]  Its been a week and the bumps and swelling have gone down considerably, but I still have the sensation of dryness and chokeing.  I share a space with a user of Marijuana and sometimes at night they take a hit.  Our rooms are adjacent and only split by a small bathroom that gets little ventalation at night, and both the doors have gaps where the smoke can sometimes get through [sometimes the smell is really strong].  I'm not a user myself, I don't have the need or desire to smoke pot, so I've never been directly exposed to marijuana.  I guess what I'm trying to ask is; can indirect exposure to marijuana cause minor anaphylaxis through second hand smoke?


I don't mean to offend users, either.  I may not support the lifestyle, but I'm certainly not judging you or trying to find a way to make marijuana look or sound bad.  I'm just worried about my own personal health.



Second hand smoke allergy does exist. And with cannabis also. Actually the answer to question: Can I be allergic to … (almost everything) is: Yes! Normally the symptoms are respiratory symptoms like rhinitis, cough, sneezing, and in the worst cases chest discomfort. But allergy symptoms varies from person to person. The easiest way to be sure that it is allergy is being far from the smoke for a couple of days and see if it gets better. Of course if it is allergy it should also get better with antihistamines, but of  you should talk to your doctor about it. There are also allergy tests to find out what are the allergens  are you allergic for. there are different compounds in smoke. I would suggest to you to see your GP.