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I am a little confused to whether or not I could be pregnant. I would kinda of like to be pregnant, but I'm not sure what to think. This may contain tmi, I'm sorry.

I had unprotected sex April 31st and May 4th. I had previously been on birth control but i had missed quite a few pills that month and had stopped taking them. The week of the 17 i bled like a normal period so i figured that there was no way i could be pregnant.

The following week i had a few days of Really light spotting. Which i have never gotten spotting after my period and i also had slight cramps. Normally i only get cramps during my period. The first week of June i started feeling really bloated, nauseous, tired, and my breast felt slightly tender. This went on for about two weeks- with really tiny cramps through out.

Now this Sunday would have been the start of my period but i havent gotten it yet. I slightly spotted for a day maybe two. Only a few faint pinkish specks on the toilet paper and mainly after i first woke up in the morning.

I had taken two hpt the week that i felt sick to my stomach and tired and they both came back negative. I had heard before that sometimes getting off BC can lead to a 'fake' period or withdrawl bleeding from the pill even if you are pregnant due to the hormone imbalance the pills create, and i also know getting off the pills can mess up your periods even with out being pregnant.

I havent taken another hpt since i have been late this time. And there is no chance that i could have gotten pregnant between my last 'period' and now me being late.

I was just wondering what are the possibilities and what should my next step be? I know i will take another hpt, but i was wondering if it was possible that the pregnancy hormones just were not strong enough when i took the last test and if so would they be strong enough now?



There are some women who get their periods when they are pregnant, more and more women can get their periods well into their 1st trimester, they are usually lighter and shorter though.

It is true that the BCP can make your periods wonky, especially for the 1st 3 cycles. It is such an iffy thing with pregnancy. PMS and pregnancy symptoms can be exactlly the same.

Now the question is this, is those 2 dates the only time you had unprotected sex? Because if it is, you definitely would have a positive pregnancy test by now. So if you haven't taken one since the 1st week, then you need too take one now! And find out one way or another.

If those 2 dates were the only time and your test shows negative, then it will be from the pill change. Let me know how it works out OK? Good luck hon!