I had an abortion last November. It was basically my decision. I was very much relieved after the operation and i never thought this could get harder as months pass. All I wanna do now is have a counseling. I wanna die for what I did. That baby deserves to live more than I do. I'm so mad at myself for being selfish. No matter what reasons I have, its just not enough to resort to abortion. It feels like my soul is burning in hell. I don't know what else to do. I know I have to suffer because of what I did and I'm just so sorry. My boyfriend has been supportive but I don't think he's going through the same phase as I am. I don't believe he even thinks of that baby. Now I don't think I can live a dignified life. So scared that this secret will be brought to the open sooner or later. It will definitely have an impact on the job that I currently have. Is my baby going to hell? I was 1 month pregnant when I terminated the pregnancy. Does my baby have a soul? I have not yet dedicated a mass to my baby. Can God ever forgive me?