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thanks clairfairy. I went ahead and did the vacuum aspiration. However, I feel relieved but guilty at the same time. It just wasn't the right time. I didn't tell anyone about it. Not my boyfriend, not my friends. I lied to my boyfriend and told him I had a miscarriage. I have the feeling that I shouldn't have done it. I'm 27yrs old and have already done this 4 times.
I feel so ashamed. You, see I can't use birth control pills due to health issues. I asked for IUD, but my doctor said that they don't recommend it to anyone who hasn't had atleast one live birth. I use condoms which obviously aren't reliable.
How awful is this? My boyfriend wanted me to have the baby, said he'd be there for me. But after 5 years into the relationship, he hasn't asked me to marry him. I didn't want to be tied up. I want to get married first. Do it the right way. But I guess life doesn't happen like you've expected. Do you think I'll be able to have kids later in life? I will defiently not go through this again.
I don't have anyone who I can talk to so if anyone can say a few words i'd appreciate it.


TINA. I am close to your age, and I am a healthcare professional. I ALSO cannot use any type of hormonal birth control.

IF YOU send me a PM, and tell me what state you live in, I can help you find doctors who could give you an IUD..

I HAVE AN IUD, and ZERO live births.

SOME doctors will not give you one, but many will, if you want one. You just have to find a good doctor who is willing to listen.

Planned Parenthood will give an IUD to anyone that wants one, most will anyway..

Many abortion clinics will give IUD's to women regardless..

I have had 3 abortions myself.

I have known a lot of women who had 3-4 abortions and have 3-4 healthy children.

It is NOT abortion which causes infertility. INFECTIONS after 'illegal back alley' abortion is what caused the *false* assumption that baoriton causes fertility problems.