I have tons of symptoms of hiv and Im afraid and felt helpless, experts here please help me. it start of like this I had unprotected vagina sex with one girl I hardly knew, I know its stupid and I reregretted. after that on the second day I came down with nasal congestion and then on the fourth day I start having chills my hands and feet will turn totally cold, fifth day I had a high temperature of 38.3 and it went down in 3 days with help of Tylenol, and I had feeling of nauseousness, bad headaches, loose stools and 1 or two episode or dirreahea (watery) and i cant sweat much and always feeling cold.after 1month of exposure i went to get a rapid blood test for hiv done and results were negative. and on the second month I felt weird feeling on my tounge and seen white coating around my tounge and swollen taste buds as well, I also felt that my body is super hot this time round like im under the sun 24/7 and when I check for fever there will always be no fever or low grade fever of 37.7 or 37.6. I realise I had muscles weakness too, my legs feel wobbly and my arms feels weak too. recently my right nipple had something like a skin infection and it is not healing it had clear discharge and very small amount lesser then a drip. im not if this is dry cough. I had cough but mild one I would cough like 3 or 4 times a day with sticky phlegm or less phlegm. and my mouth always feel so dry and I feel like I cant get enough of water. I also experience head sweats during sleep. it is just the head that sweats and the neck. but my body doesnt sweat. are this night sweats? from what I've search on the net. thrush do spread to the inner cheek and roof of the mouth and the tonsil right? I had this coated tounge for already one month if its thrush would it have already spread? and my nasal congestion havent go away even with the help of medication. it either gets abit better or very bad congestion, it just doesnt go away totally. please help me. I have been searching on the net for all this sh*t for almost 3 months. I would be going for anothet rapid blood test on the 3rd month to comfirm. please help.