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Hi. I had the novasure procedure done in 2012. The reason was to stop my period. I was having painful very heavy periods. It did not stop them it actually made them normal. They come at the end of the month about the same time and last 6-7 days. The first day or so they are somewhat heavy. So I'm guessing that means that my uterine is still usable..? Anyways I wanted some opinions/thoughts on me wanting to have my tubes unclamped and having another child.? I did go to an IVF clinic this year and had a test done to see ignition could carry a baby, I forgot what it was called but the doctor inserted a tube in my vagina to my uterus and inserted some liquid inside of it.?


Hi Capri,

After an ablation it is very dangerous to try to carry a child.  Yes, sometime the lining does regrow.  You may even have a normal period.  But, often there is scarring and the risk of a miscarriage is VERY high.

I urge you to get another opinion.

Good luck.