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ok, so me and my gf had sex without a condom for maybe five min at the max, i never came and i never saw any precum, i even squeezed to see if any leaked out, none did (didnt mean there wasnt any), but anyway shes worried she could be pregnant, its been two weeks, but havent noticed any of the signs of pregnancy (too early for a preg. test?)

i believe she isnt pregnant because we had sex only a couple days after her period (the most infertile time for women), i had urinated since the last ejaculation (therefore cleaning my urethra of any remaining sperm), and had showered (cleaning any off the outside of my penis). all the previous times we did use a condom

i know theres is a very slight possibility she could be pregnant, but i believe it is highly unlikely, her period starts next week also. so basically all im looking for is feedback (and yes i know, use a condom, im doing that from now on), but do you think she is?


actually that's not the most infertile time for a woman. the most infertile time is after ovulation, so right before her period. and yes, the chances are slim. she can take a pregnancy test now. most can give you a result two weeks after intercourse. but, i wouldn't worry too much. and if you can, just wait to see if she gets her period or not.