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Hi there,

I work for a television production company based in the UK and we are currently making a documentary for ITV1 exploring the issues surrounding pregnancy and eating disorders. The film will be a thoughtful and insightful look into this extremely sensitive subject.

We’re in the research stages of our production and are very keen to chat to women who are, or have been, pregnant whilst having an eating disorder. We’d like to get a better understanding of what pregnant women with EDs are going through to try and spread awareness of this issue.

We are keen to speak to women in both the UK and the US.

If you’re interested in having a chat or finding out more about our documentary, it would be really great to hear from you. All communication would be in complete confidence and by no means commits you to the programme in any way.

You can contact me on: paula.wittig(at) or call me on 020 7013 4389.

Many thanks,



I am not pregnant,but i did have an eating disorder as a teen. i am now 29 years old. My mother recently confided in me that she would eat until she was sick and then cause her self to vomit while she was pregnant with me......imagine my horror! Ofcourse she is in denile that she ever ad an eatin disorder.......she has said thins in the past that about certain behaviors she had as a teen that i reconise as anorexia.....Some people may find this subject distasteful but it is a real problem that needs to have some light shed on it.....I personally belive that theese behavior were past on to me from the womb.