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i am 41 yrs old and pregnant with pre existing af of heart with beats of no more than 100, I also am heter for prothrombin so am taking 40mg of clexane. This is my 7th pregnancy. My 1st produced a boy who is now 71/2yrs old my 2nd ended in miscarriage at 5 wks, 3rd ended in miscarriage at 11 wks, 4th ended in termination at 22wks due to foetal hydrops also developed dvt in leg at 11wks that is when i started using clexane, 5th my waters broke at 37 wks result stillborn baby boy, 6th pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 11 wks, i am concerned about developing baby can i go to full term? I don't smoke or drink am in healthy weight range my blood pressure is often 100/50 and that is when i get short of breath(when i am in af but doesn't get any higher than 100 beats per min, am i a health risk?


Look, it needs to be observed by your doctor. It is hard to tell are you in danger, in health risk because everyone is affected differently. Also, some atrial fibrillation treatment is different, so it is hard for me to tell are you or not. But the truth is that this can affect your pregnancy. But also, there is one really good news - every day, every year, thousands of women with atrial fibrillation deliver healthy babies. But going to your doctor consulting room every week won't be a mistake in order to prevent some complications. This is very risky because it is hard to tell what the proper treatment is, that is why your whole pregnancy should be observed carefully.