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I was wondering what the chances of my girlfriend becoming pregnant are if I use a condom EVERY TIME and also pull out before ejaculation EVERY TIME.

Right now we don't have sex for the two weeks before her period because this is when ovulation is supposed to occur and she is supposed to be the most fertile. Her periods are very regular.

Would it matter if we have sex during her ovulation cycle if I wear a condom and pull out every time? I mean, would the chances of becoming pregnant be greater than having sex up to 12 days after her period?


Females are generally fertile between days 10 and 15 of the cycles. Day 1 being the first day of the period. During days 10-15, the mucous on the cervix changes to be clear and full, opening the cervix to allow sperm to enter. Considering that a general period goes from day 1 to 7, she is then fertile very soon after the period. The best time to have sex and not fall pregnant is the week BEFORE the period as the egg has died (they usually only live 12-24 hours after ovulation) and the cervix has re closed up making it impenetrable to sperm. Of course there is always the 'God' factor and anything can happen, but how i just described it, is the usual way for regular cycles.