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:( Hello,
I thought that I had a toothache but it is not located in any one tooth, it is on my right side, top and bottom mostly on the bottom though, and is also a shooting throbbing pain, if I lay down it gets worse. Sometimes it is worse than others. There are no sores or any swelling and no evidence of a bad tooth. I don't know if this has anything to do with anything but my hands are swollen.
Any recomendations would be helpful.



This is very interesting. When I usually have pain in my jaw it is from my teeth and after a visit at the dentist he finds the right cause and fixes it. But in your case it seems that something else is causing the pain in your jaw. You have to understand that the pain might be in the root of your teeth. Have you done any scans to see if your roots of teeth are all fine? Have you used any pain killers for the pain? Have you had any fractures or injuries on the jaw? This can also be a gum disease. I don’t know if the doctor noticed any problems with your gums?

Good luck,