I thought I would write about my sort of condition that has been somewhat on a slow increase. I first noticed an area that seem to feel itching on my side of my back on the right about at elbow height. I observed that there is never any redness or indication of topical condition. It feels like it is inside of me. It gets to sort of pricking/piercing feel that makes the area itchy. Now I am noticing that when I stretch at the gym, or lie down at night on the bed or sit certain ways in a chair and create some stretch to my back, it begins to get these same sensations in more places across my back. Evidentually the itch subsides until I change into certain positions. My concern is two-fold. One, I wonder if this will continue to get worse? Two is there some sort of mineral or vitamin therapy that could help, what I think, may be a neurological condition without taking drugs which I won't do. In the center of my back between the shoulder blades, I do have some arthritis that was seen by xray in a chiropractor's office. This condition is not unbearable but somewhat sensitive at times. I don't know if nerves located in this area of my spine could be affecting or creating the itch condition. I don't seem to necessarily have really any itch in the general location of the spinal arthitis. I only take two medications. Atenolol and lisinopril for blood pressure. I believe in natural health as much as possible. Thank you for your input.