Hello, new to this board -
I have been having problems with my stride recently. I actually had this problem years ago but it randomly disappeared then decided to rear its ugly head about 2 weeks ago. The problem is on my right foot, I have been landing on the outside of the foot and when I release off of it my ankle kind of bends under and it feels and looks really awkward. I have tried just thinking about correcting it, but that hasn't seemed to help, at least not for long, and usually I am running very labored when I think about it and it makes my run absolutely no fun at all. My ankle always feels kind of sore after my run too.

I went snowboarding about a week ago and I was having pain in my right knee whenever I put pressure on it - I ride goofy which means my right foot is always strapped in and my weight is usually on it. I also used to have problems with my hips as an infant, I don't know if that might be related as well.

I have been running strong for about 5 or 6 years now, and would like to continue to do so, but this definitely has put a damper on the level of pleasure I get out of it and has really decreased my speed. (and I do NOT like getting passed... lol) I usually do between 2 and 6 miles, and run usually 5-6 days a week,... don't know if anybody can offer me any insight as to why this has been happening or some solution to my problem (the latter would be better!!) I haven't done much strength training, but I have been meaning to get into it...don't know if that will help either... any input is appreciated!