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Okay, my whole life I have had a tight foreskin.

Recently, after lots of stretching I am able to pull it back all the way. I noticed that the frenulum turned very white like it was being stretched, and that once I pulled my skin to the glans it wouldn't go down any lower (It wasn't bunched up, but wouldn't lower to the shaft)

Anyway, when I get an erection my foreskin never automatically retracts.

Does this mean a frenulopsy would still be good? Or do I need a circumsision? Or will a frenulopsy make it automatically retract, if I even need to auto retract.

Any help is appreciated, as long as you know what you are saying :-)


You are right, there are several options here, including circumcision, a dorsal slit, stretching or Nothing...

The best choice is one that your physician will make with you based upon an exam.

This is not something that you want to make alone... but with advice of a competient doctor or medical advisor. The decision will affect the rest of your life...and so, your age, your experience and your goals and lifestyle will all come in to play.

Make an appointment and tell them up front what and why you are coming in. They can advise you if you need a referral or not.

Good luck.
Let us know what comes out...