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So on the 13/07/13 i took the abortion pill my bleeding started and all that soon after that me and my bf started having unprotected sex again and now sins my abortion i still havent gotten my period i am wondering if i can take the birth control pill now to make sure wen i have sex in future i wont get pregnant i toook a pregnancy test few days ago and it tested negative so i am not pregnant am i ? should i wait till my period comes and then start with the pill what should i do ?are there chances that i might be pregnant is it normal not to get your periods for so loong after an abortion ?? i am going crazy here and im really scared .. please help me and give me some advice.


Hi Mel,

See your doctor.  They can tell you when the best time to start birth control would be.

Pregnancy tests are not immediate.  You have to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks before they have a chance of becoming accurate.  They don't work in all women either.  Be sure to use your wake up urine for the best accuracy.

It can take some time for you to get your period.  Your doctor can advise.

Good luck.