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If Pregnant from 2 month & third started just now. But when I didi sonography their were no hearbests inside so pls tell me what to do?


I presume that when you did this sonography, you mean you attended a clinic or hospital, and had a (sound) scan, and could detect no heartbeat, yourself?

If a medical professional performed the scan, and detecting no heartbeat was an issue, then I am quite sure they would have informed you and taken appropriate action - be it medication or operation.

I would have to check what size the foetus is at that stage, but let us say for argument's sake that it is about the size of a mouse - a small mammal, which is what we are, and why mice are used in medical experiments - have you ever tried to hear the heartbeat of a mouse? Inside a balloon, resting on someone's tummy?

If you have the slightest concern, I would suggest you visit a clinic or hospital immediately or promptly, but if medical professionals were present during the scan and showed no sign of concern, then I would be inclined to trust their judgement.