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Initially, please excuse my bad grammar. English wasn't my native language (I'm Thai).

I'm 17 years old right now. My problem that makes me quite worries all the time and really bother my daily life right now was a problem about my foreskin retraction. I've done some surfing in this website and some other websites for some information. Some do answers partial of my question, but I'm not quite sure what I'm understaning is correct. So, here's my story.

Since I was a child, the length of my foreskin was long and tight. I cannot retract my foreskin. I cannot retract them down to see the head of my penis until I've tried a few days ago (when I was getting wonder what was inside and think that there might be a problem later if I does not do so). As everyone knows, it was tighting and painful. I tried for fews days and finally got my foreskin retract for about 1/4 of my penis's length. Then I see these white things in my penis, which I knew was something that came up when I did not clean them before. Then I tried to clean them with my hands. And here comes the problem. It gives me a unwanted feeling, and that was only just when I'm touching it. If I were to rub my inner penis with my finger to clean them, that would give me a really hard time in my bathroom. So here is some questions I would like to ask:

1. What are the possible ways that I could clean my penis correctly and cleanfully? It's sort of painful when touching the penis inside the foreskin.
2. Is it necessary to retract the foreskin until it reaches the end?
3. How and when did you guys clean your penis when you guys first retract your foreskin? What do you see inside?
4. If it really have to give me unwanted feeling now, will I get used to it in the future?
5. Here's an important one. Is there going to be problem if I do not fully retract my foreskin? Any risks of infection?

Thankyou for answering my questions. I'm very worried right now because many of my friends, when I asked them, told me that they retracted thier foreskin since the age of 13-15.

Thankyou very much again.


Hey im 14
and mine doesnt retract either its really scary!


Im 17 and neither does mine- doesn't retract more than a 4th of the way over the head of my penis. Im not a virgin though, and girls don't seme to mind. It does take me a while to ejaculate but for many this is a plus!

Im 6 inches exactly and 5ft 2. I would worry! oh and about cleaning your penis, what I do is I cup some water in my foreskin, hold the end closed a just push it around.


1. You have to see you doctor to have him diagnose the problem and prescribe you the proper topical ointment. Phimosis is generally caused by pathological factors such as improper hygiene, however naturally occuring circumstances may occur such as preputial stenosis.

2. Once the main cause has been dealt with by a medical professional. If treated by pharmaseauticals, foreskin will return to normal. At which point you will pull it back all the way when cleaning. If surgical intervention is mandiated due to natural stenosis, then you won't have to talk about foreskin anymore.

3. Once a child is old enough to bathe them selves is when foreskin hygiene need to be taught. Although a child of that age isn't sexually active, it is possible to debris to end up caught between the foreskin and glands.

4. No you shouldn't be getting used to the unwanted feeling. That feeling you are experiencing is pain. Seek treatment.

5. YES. There can be subsequent issue if this is not treated. Beside the obvious pain and discomfort during sexual activity or self exploration, urinary obstruction is uncommon however a very serious problem that can arise from untreated phimosis. Newer clinical evidence suggests that phimosis may have links to penile cancers. Lastly paraphimosis, the glans is swollen, the foreskin is immobile and the penis does not get erect.