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I am a 20 year old male.
I was trying to retract the foreskin ( uncircumcised penis) and i stretched too far leading to bleeding.

Although the bleeding stopped, please advice me if i should see a doctor immediately or wat steps i should take?
I am really scared.


It is no big deal - don't worry - it will heal.

However, it is very likely that you either have phimosis or short frenulum (if your foreskin is still detached and needs retracting).

I would see an urologist to see what the exact problem was. Urologist will show you how to retract it and if any ointment should be used in the process. He (most likely it's he) will also advise you if there are problems with the frenulum.

Neither of the conditions are a major issue, just annoying and can be easily fixed but proper instructions from a specialist are needed.


thnx for reply... glad to kno no immediate problem

point is foreskin does not retract very easily.. but done slowly and with sum lube it can... this happened coz i did too fast and did not use lube

is there still a possiblility of phimosis? should i consult a doctor?