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i was just diagnosed with a yeast infection. been researching it online and learned it can be caused by Recent antibiotic use, Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause, Douches and feminine hygiene products such as vaginal sprays and wipes, Spermicides, Immune suppression resulting from medication (like steroids) or disease (like HIV infection/AIDS), Poorly controlled diabetes,
The presence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

i use none of those products, none of the situations apply to me. I am married in a monogamous relationship ??


Too much washing or just washing your vagina with soap could also cause yeast infection. Friction from sex when there wasn’t enough lubrication could have also caused it. Cloths rubbing or detergents, color dies on your panties are all possible reasons.
Have you been using any creams to lubricate the area? These creams, oils and alike likely to cause yeast infection. If your husband has been using antibiotics and got affected with yeast overgrowth, he could have passed it to you. There are numbers of different causes.

Make sure you take the treatment as directed and get checked again to see if it is gone. It doesn’t mean that your husband also has it but if he does, you two could be passing it to one another back and forth.