I have to thank you for this story but you have to understand there are many half truths and full out propaganda in this article. 

Where do I start?  Well lets start with US Patent 6630507 which states cannabis is an ANTIOXIDANT AND NEUROPROTECTANT, opposite of what your article states. 

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21269798 Shows cannabinoids helps with Chronic Kidney Disease. 

We are cannabinoid deficient and cannabis is the only plant that put our bodies into homeostasis.  No other plant can do what cannabis can do with the many cannabinoids that heal our entire body and mind. 

There is NOTHING in cannabis that is addictive and yet there is in alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs.   Yet this country and some researchers continue the lies of prohibition. 

Jane L Stanley

AAS Science Technologies

Master Certificate Cannabis

started my BS in Forensic Sciences