I'm 19 and I smoked weed twice a week for 6 month. Three months, I smoked almost every other day. I usually smoked blunts. And for the past 2 weeks, I smoked everyday and did anywhere from 2-3 blunts or bowls. I decided to stop because of three reasons: my lungs weren't as good as before, I started to crave weed everyday for the past two weeks, and I started to realize I wasn't as sharp as before and minor personality changes. The first day I quit, it was horrible because I kept thinking about smoking. And then that night, I fell asleep and dreamt about all my smoker friends. It's day 2 and I feel minor pains in my chest and my head has a slight pain, more like I feel uncomfortable about the pain. Is this normal? I don't really consider myself a heavy user or an addict But my friend said I was probably getting close to addiction since I had cravings for it every night. How long will it take til I feel as sharp as before again and how long will it take til my lungs feel close to normal? (I tend to breathe more through my mouth and have shallow breaths).